I have remained silent through this difficult period until now, and am issuing this statement as a result of my concerns about ongoing discussions involving Council.  Like our provincial Ombudsman Mr. Marin, I take issue with Mr. Basse’s flawed process and final report, which ultimately maligns my character including false accusations about my approaches to covering current events at City Hall.  As a result I have experienced duress including concerns for my livelihood as an honest journalist covering municipal matters.

Basse’s report must be rejected and rescinded from the public record, and a new process may be required.

Also I have been advised that the Ontario Provincial Police are investigating these matters, and I am fully cooperating with the OPP investigation. Out of respect for due process, I will not make any further comment.

I wish to thank all who have offered support during this difficult time. I remain committed to municipal transparency and plan in due course to return to covering City Hall per my plan outlined at Raise the Hammer: