City Negligent in Brock Rd/5th Concession Collision Which Left Man Quadriplegic

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The City of Hamilton is liable for potentially millions of dollars after being found negligent in their maintenance of a suburban intersection identified as high-risk and the scene of numerous collisions. As Ontario Superior Court of Justice Antonio Skarica writes:

The cost of repainting was a meagre $100, at most, and there is no explanation at all as to why this stop line and the recommendations to repaint it were neglected while the city was aware of the increasing dangerousness of this intersection. On April 29, 2006, around a blue 1999 Grand Caravan collided with a Buick sedan in the intersection of Brock Road and 5th Concession West in Flamborough. The collision left Micheal Chiocchio, a passenger in the Caravan, with severe spinal injuries and rendered him quadriplegic. A decade of legal litigation later, the driver of the Buick and the City of Hamilton have been found equally responsible for the collision.

Hamilton Public Works Committee for June 15, 2015

Councillors will discuss business planning for the City’s two municipally owned golf courses, supporting private installations of rooftop solar panels, HSR bus traffic on Redfern Avenue, and improving fencing along Mountain Brow Boulevard.
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