The following is a partial list of the questions and freedom of information requests filed to the City of Hamilton which are awaiting answers.
Note: where revealing a question would be publishing unconfirmed information or could lead to unfounded speculation, The Public Record does not post the information on this page.


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  • To: Director of Communications John Hertel
    Subj: Minutes of Decision Making EOC [Emergency Operations Centre]
    Date: April 24
    Expected Timeline for Response: By May 8

    The EOC is creating regulations and making public decisions which met the criteria of public disclosure.
    To clarify the answer from Mr. Johnson [Paul Johnson, Director, Emergency Operations Centre]: does the City plan to release the minutes of public decision making? What is the timeline for release. Timeline does not require a set date, a timeline can be a framework for release.
  • To: Communications Officer of Public Works, and Director of Transit Debbie Dalle Vedove.
    Subj: U-Pass Agreements
    Date: April 28
    Expected Timeline for Response: April 29, 11am

    What is the status of the U-Pass agreements with the public post-secondary institutions and private institution Redeemer University College?
    What is the HSR’s expectation of the U-Pass contracts in the fall? Will the HSR expect payment of the contracts by students if campuses do not resume in person classes? In the event of partial reopening, i.e. only fourth year undergraduate seminars, lab sections, and some graduate education, how will the HSR approach this?
  • To: Communications staff, HSR
    Subj: HSR Ridership and Bus Allocation Data, and Transit Unit Operating Cost
    Date: April 28
    Expected Timeline for Response: April 29, and May 1st.
    Requesting the following information from the HSR.
    I would like to receive the following by 11am on Wednesday morning:.
    1) Hourly operating cost of a transit unit
    2) Total boardings (number of passengers automated counter data) by day, Feb 15 to April 20 (if you have data until present, I will happily accept it as well). If the DARTS bus stop to bus stop data is available, this forms part of the request. If the data is not available, it is not required.
    3) Transit Units on road by route, and bus type, since the beginning of modified schedules on March 23. Please include the number of buses assigned as “spare” or “extra” to respond to service needs.
    4) Daily operator attendance count, separated by full-time operators and part-time (whine down) operators.

    The following information by Friday 11am:
    4) Bus bypass information: date, time, location, and route for as long as you’ve been tracking this data going back to March 23rd. (ie, if HSR was not tracking at times since March 23rd, this is okay)
    5) Total transit unit hours by day, including dead heading, since March 23rd.

Freedom of Information Requests

The City of Hamilton’s City Clerk Records and Freedom of Information office delays processing Freedom of Information requests to the extend permitted by legislation, and a large number of requests to the City of Hamilton end up at the Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario. The City takes advantage of the Commission’s appeal backlog as a means of delaying required releases of public information.
During COVID-19, the City of Hamilton is temporarily allowing for email submission of FOI requests. The City is not processing any requests until payment is received by postal mail.
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