The City of Hamilton is asking that only Hamilton business owners fill out an open survey regarding the impacts of encampments.

At the June 26 Council meeting, Council directed staff to survey Hamilton businesses and report in August on the results.

With limited time, staff have launched an online survey.

The survey platform cannot verify if the person filling it out is a business owner, meaning the survey results will lack credibility when released in August.

The survey asks four questions:

  1. Do you own or operate a business?
  2. Which of the following areas of Hamilton do you own or operate a business in?
  3. What impact has the presence of encampments in Hamilton had on your business(es)?
  4. Do you have any suggestions for how the City of Hamilton could support businesses with the impacts of encampments?

The results will be presented to Council on August 12, the agenda with the results will be public on August 7.

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