John-Paul Danko's deleted 'toddlers' tweet

Ward 8 Councillor John Paul Danko ‘quote tweeted’ a CBC article covering the decision of a police group to no longer donate proceeds from their golf tournament to Hamilton’s YWCA.

The group, a mix of current and retired police officers, made the switch following comments by one of the award winners against policing and the direction of the event.

Danko wrote:

“There were two recipients that went out of their way to spit in the face of those in attendance.

While I just dismiss them as ungrateful, self rightous, toddlers with a microphone, I’ll continue supporting the @YWCA_Hamilton, but certainly won’t be at future events either.”

He later deleted the tweet and posted an apology.

Earlier, I posted a Twitter message that is beneath the dignity of my office.

I sincerely apologize and will strive to do better in future.”

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