"Our Systems Are Down," signage at Hamilton City Hall during the second week of a cybersecurity failure. Credit: Joey Coleman

The City of Hamilton will resume collecting property taxes from approximately 68,000 property owners on Pre-Authorized Payment plans.

Since the City’s cybersecurity failure on February 25, the City has been unable to collect property taxes from this group.

Monthly Payment Plans Resume April 15

The City states that monthly payment withdrawals will resume on April 15, and the March 1st payment will be collected that day.

On May 1, the City will collect payments that were due on April 1.

On May 15, the City will collect May 1st payments.

Beginning June 1, payments will occur on their scheduled dates. (i.e. June 1st payments will be collected on June 1st)

Instalment Plan Payments Resume on April 30

Property owners enrolled in the installment plan will have their February 29 payment withdrawn on April 30.

The April 30 payment will be collected on May 31.

The City states the “remaining withdrawals will be identified on your 2024 Final Tax bill.”

For more information, the City says “property owners who are on Pre-Authorized Payment Plans and have questions can email the City at taxsupport@hamilton.ca or call 905-546-2589.”

More information is available on the City of Hamilton website here: https://www.hamilton.ca/city-council/cybersecurity-incident-response/pre-authorized-payment-pap-plan-property-taxes