The Marine Discovery Centre at Hamilton's Pier 8 West Harbour waterfront Credit: Rick Cordeiro

The Hamilton Public Library plans to open a small exhibit space at Pier 8 Discovery Centre in 2024.

During their December meeting, the Library’s Board approved $234,000 in capital funds and two years of operating funds of $74,000.

The Discovery Centre is being converted into a sales centre for the 1645 residential unit Pier 8 development.

The library exhibit space will be separate from the sales centre.

Opened by Parks Canada as a public museum, the facility was poorly attended.

Eventually, Parks Canada left, and the building was transferred to the City of Hamilton along with the Pier 8 lands. The Discovery Centre was given to the Hamilton Waterfront Trust. The Trust leased it out to a controversial nightclub that failed.

The Hamilton Public Library is hiring a consultant to conceptualize an indigenous-focused library space on Pier 8.

City Council approved the vision to add a Library to Pier 8 at its November 22, 2023 meeting.

Council is expected to receive final plans for the library branch in the second quarter of 2026.

CORRECTION: the original article stated a 2023, it is clearly a 2024 opening. Apology for the error.