Hamilton City Hall Credit: Joey Coleman

The new Hamilton City Manager is selected. Numerous contacts and sources at City Hall stated the city manager selection committee provided Mayor Andrea Horwath with comments on the finalists, and a candidate has been selected.

Candidate confidentiality has been maintained. Some of the finalists who were not selected are known.

Speculation has begun to narrow around one finalist, the Chief Administrative Officer of another municipality.

This candidate worked in the City of Hamilton early in their career. [I’m preparing a draft story to publish if I can confirm the name or when the appointment is announced.]

I briefly spoke with Mayor Andrea Horwath on Tuesday at the end of the Council budget meeting. I asked how the City will appoint the new City Manager. Will it be done as a Mayoral Directive using “Strong Mayor” powers or a Council bylaw resolution?

Mayor Horwath stated the method of appointment is being determined.

There is some debate within Ontario municipal circles if the ‘Strong Mayor’ powers require the CAO appointments to be enacted by Mayoral Directive.

The next Council ratification meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13.

There is a very strong desire among Council members to have the new City Manager in place at the beginning of 2024.

A Mayoral Directive, with unofficial consent from the majority of council, is the likely route to achieve this timeline.

There is always the possibility the selected candidate and City do not reach an agreement on contractual terms.

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