Hamilton's Claremont Access in March 2022 Credit: Joey Coleman

The downbound lanes of Hamilton’s Claremont Access will reopen for motor vehicle traffic tomorrow (Thursday, November 9) “by 12 p.m.,” the City’s public works department says.

City Council was notified mid-afternoon on Wednesday the final work to make the access safe is complete.

Following numerous significant failures during the past decade, the City removed most of a retaining wall alongside the mountain access roadway.

The rock face behind the retaining wall was scaled to prevent future massive rock slides onto the roadway.

The retaining wall has failed numerous times in the past decade. The latest closure began in March when the City discovered new erosion and stability issues.

The City is continuing to study longer-term solutions to deal with escarpment erosion.

The project is expected to cost between $4.5 to 5-million.

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