The planning saga at 64 Lovers Lane in Ancaster is over.

The property owner will be allowed to build their new larger home with an in-ground backyard pool, following 18 months of self-imposed delay.

Their original plan was supported by City of Hamilton planning staff, but turned down in a political move by the Committee of Adjustment. Had they been prepared at the OLT, their plan would’ve been rubber-stamped in April 2022. Instead, they were embarrassing unprepared, as I noted at the time.

A few weeks later, the property owner modified their plans and filed a new minor variance application.

With the OLT denial in hand, City staff had to oppose the new application.

The CoA approved the new plan on February 2, 2023.

Why the change at the CoA? There was an election in October 2022.

The new councillor does not politically interfere with the Committee of Adjustment. [The law is clear, the CoA is supposed to act as an independent adjudicative body. It did not work that way under the Old Guard Council]

City staff were professionally obligated to appeal the CoA approval – again, because of the previous OLT decision.

This time, the owner of 64 Lovers Lane hired a lawyer. [A good lawyer, Nancy Smith.]

Tens of thousands of dollars later, following a new three-day OLT hearing, the owner won their variances.

A costly lesson in not consulting a professional at the start.

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