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Highly regarded municipal law expert David Boghosian will be Hamilton’s next Integrity Commissioner.

Boghosian is practising lawyer who is Managing Partner of Boghosian + Allen LLP.

He is Integrity Commissioner in numerous other municipalities, has argued municipal law cases at all levels including the Supreme Court of Canada, and is a prolific legal writer. He has also taught at York University’s law school.

The last practising lawyer to serve as Integrity Commissioner was George Rust-D’Eye in 2016.

Boghosian’s Past Work in Hamilton

In recent decades, Boghosian has been called upon to represent the City of Hamilton, the Hamilton Police Service, and it predecessors.

Boghosian was the outside lawyer that then-Hamilton City Solicitor Nicole Auty called for legal advice when it became apparent the Red Hill Parkway cover-up would become public.

Boghosian is recognized as one of the leading experts on municipal liability.

While providing legal advice, Boghosian wrote that when addressing the 2018-22 Hamilton City Council, “everything needs to be dumbed down as if they are children!”

Boghosian testified at the Red Hill Valley Parkway Public Inquiry.

The City retained Boghosian in an ongoing lawsuit against the City by a man who suffered catastrophic injuries at Albion Falls.

He represented the Hamilton Police Services Board at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Boghosian’s CV is available in a City of Sudbury report.

He replaces the firm of retired City of Hamilton City Solicitor Janice Atwood-Petkovski. The firm Principles Integrity was hired by City Council in July 2018 in a non-competitive process. They were reappointed in February 2020 following a competitive bid.

Boghosian expected to start work on November 1st.

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