Developers render of the proposed redevelopment of LiUNA's Winona Gardens property at 526 Winona Road in July 2022 Credit: HANDOUT

The Ontario Land Tribunal is delaying the hearing on the redevelopment of LiUNA Gardens for two months to give the City time to review changes to the development proposal.

The delay will allow the City of Hamilton “a reasonable opportunity to review revisions to the development proposal (including changes to the proposed heights, massing and location of the proposed towers as well as reductions to overall unit count and further analysis and reports with respect to the traffic issues raised in the proceeding),” writes Ontario Land Tribunal Member Shannon Braun in a ruling released Tuesday.

A ten-day contested hearing was scheduled to begin on September 18. It will now begin on November 23, 2023.

The hearing will be eight days. The first three days will occur between November 23 and 25. The second portion of the hearing will be held the week of December 11 to 15.

The new proposal has not yet been released.

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