Hamilton City Hall mourns the death of former Mayor Bob Wade. Wade died on May 4, 2023 at age 89 Credit: Joey Coleman

The City of Hamilton’s first amalgamated Mayor, Robert E. (Bob) Wade, died last night at age 89.

Mayor Andrea Horwath shared the sad news with City Council this morning.

Wade was mayor from 2001 to 2003, leading the first post-amalgamation Council in creating the new City of Hamilton post-amalgamation.

The Mayor of the Town of Ancaster before amalgamation, Wade brought together the former six municipalities of Hamilton, structured the city government, ran a professional mayors office, and retired without seeking fanfare at the end of his term.

Hamilton is better for his service.

I was not around City Hall during the 2001 to 2003 term.

Those who were at City Hall at the time describe Wade as a honest, thoughtful, calm leader who brought dignity to the mayor’s office.

In the community, leaders described Wade as a diplomat who brought the new City of Hamilton together and did much to address the political wounds of amalgamation.

Wade was the consummate elder statesman during the past two decades. He remained involved in community life and service.

He made himself available to those who sought counsel, but never imposed himself into political debates.

Wade leaves behind a great example for us all to emulate.

Hamilton is better for his service.

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Former Hamilton Mayor Bob Wade (left) speaking with Chief of Police Glenn De Caire during the 2010 City Council Inaugural meeting at the Hamilton Convention Centre

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