Hamilton Farmers Market on the afternoon of September 17, 2022 at 2:24pm. Credit: Joey Coleman

The vendor representatives on the Hamilton Farmers Market Board of Directors want City Council to pass a special by-law to declare the Market a tourism destination to allow them to open on Canada Day.

Canada Day falls on a Saturday this year. Saturday is the busiest retail day at the Market.

Vendors stated at the Board the 2017 Canada Day Saturday closure was a significant hit to their monthly revenue. They state they did not experience any increased sales in the days surrounding the Canada Day Saturday, which differs from Christmas and Boxing Day.

The Market is required to close on Canada Day under the Retail Business Holidays Act.

A municipal council can pass a bylaw allowing businesses “to be open on holidays for the maintenance or development of tourism.”

Council must hold a statutory public hearing to pass a holiday exemption bylaw. Such a bylaw can be appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

The Market Board approved having staff return for the June 5 meeting on the feasibility of passing a bylaw.

The City of Hamilton will also be responsible for holiday pay premiums for cleaners and security in the Market.

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