City of Hamilton skyline in October 2022 Credit: Joey Coleman

The City of Hamilton must now submit quarterly reports and to Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs detailing the progress of Planning Act applications submitted to the City and decisions made by City bodies and the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Hamilton has to produce six reports on: official plan amendment applications, zoning by-law amendment applications, site plan applications, minor variance applications, plans of subdivision, consent [servance] applications, plans of condominium, and “community infrastructure and housing accelerator and minister’s zoning orders.”

The reports must include the date of application, when it was deemed a complete application, when the municipal council considered the application, the decision of Council, and if the application ends up at the Ontario Land Tribunal, the details of why it was appealed and the status of the appeal.

The City must also include Heritage Act information for any application on properties with heritage designation, heritage listing, or within a heritage conservation district.

A separate annual report in geospatial data formats will be required for special areas such as employment, major transit station areas, and other are specific boundaries.

The first reports, for Q1 2023, will be due to the Province on June 30.

In a conversation with City of Hamilton General Manager of Planning and Economic Development Jason Thorne a few months ago, Thorne indicated Hamilton will also post the data reports on its public website.

Ontario Regulation 73/23 can be read on CanLII here

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