Paul Johnson at a December 2018 Hamilton City Council Meeting Credit: Joey Coleman

Toronto Mayor John Tory resigned tonight after the Toronto Star revealed he had an affair with one of his female staff members.

The Mayor of Toronto holds “strong mayor powers” and they appoint Toronto’s City Manager.

Paul Johnson was appointed by Mayor Tory to be his City Manager on December 2, 2022.

Toronto’s next mayor, to be elected in a pending by-election, can replace Johnson with their own choice for City Manager.

Prior to joining the City of Toronto in 2021 as Deputy City Manager, Community and Social Services, Johnson was General Manager of Healthy and Safe Communities at the City of Hamilton.

Johnson was running Hamilton’s COVID emergency response prior to leaving for Toronto.

What happens to Johnson if a new Mayor in Toronto decides to replace Johnson with their own pick?

Johnson will be on the shortlist of City Managers for hire, everywhere. Yes, everywhere, including even Hamilton.

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