Patio at Williams Fresh Cafe at Pier 8 on Hamilton's Waterfront Credit: John Piercy / Used with Permission

The Ontario Ombudsman confirms the Hamilton Waterfront Trust violated the Municipal Act when it met in private video conferencing for the first year of the COVID pandemic.

The Trust only began streaming after I filed the closed meeting complaints.

The Waterfront Trust was not also not posting its agendas.

“The Waterfront Trust confirmed that for the period of April 2020 to February 2021, members of the public were not permitted to attend Board meetings,” writes Paul DubĂ©

There were five meetings the public was unable to view.

The Ombudsman writes the Trust began streaming immediately after being contacted by his office.

The letter is addressed to Hamilton City Council care of the City Clerk.

City Clerk Andrea Holland did not distribute it to Council.

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