130 Wellington Street South is seen in this June 2022 photo. Credit: Joey Coleman

The Ontario Land Tribunal is expected to rubber-stamp the building of five residential units at 130 Wellington Street South with a minimum of four parking spaces.

The property owner applied to legalize six units in the three-storey Victorian home. The City’s planning staff recommended approval.

A group of neighbours mobilized in opposition to rental housing, stating there are already too many renters in the downtown Corktown neighbourhood.

At the February 2021 Council meeting, Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr agreed with their concerns.

“The neighbourhood already has numerous rental options in the area affordable options,” Jesse Razaqpur stated. “We also have the Ontario Works offices at the corner of Wellington, this neighbourhood is doing its fair share of heavy lifting with respect to mixed land use and access to housing for all income classes.”

Farr agreed, Council voted down the proposal, with Farr adding of the owner, “they got a pretty good case going into a LPAT appeal.”

[The Ontario Land Tribunal was the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal at the time.]

Settlement Terms

“7. The Parties will request the Ontario Land Tribunal (OL T) allow the appeal in part, permitting a maximum five (5) dwelling units within the existing building, and permitting a minimum four (4) parking spaces on the subject property pursuant to a site specific amendment to the City of Hamilton zoning by-law, such amendment attached as Schedule “B”,” reads the minutes of settlement.

Update [Feb 27]: The Ontario Land Tribunal approved the settlement.
Update [Mar 15]: The OLT written decision is now published.

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