Screencapture of the development industry's HamiltoNEXT website.

HamiltonNEXT, with one N, is the development industry’s municipal election campaign branding.

The campaign from the construction, real estate, and land-use development industry is asking Hamiltonians to #FrameOurFuture with information booths at various events and festivals across our region.

I’m sure you are thinking to yourself “Hamilton Next,” that is good branding. But not so fast, because after HamiltonNext launched at – again one N, someone purchased – with two Ns. redirects to the website of Stop Sprawl Hamilton, the grassroots campaign which successfully convinced City Council to freeze the urban boundary.

It is the biggest political loss Hamilton’s development industry has ever experienced.

The development industry registered their single N domain on July 18th.

Whomever purchased the two N domain did so on September 1st.

A reminder that when you are framing the future, make sure you purchase all the similar URLs to your campaign.

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