A rendering from the settlement agreement shows the planned design of the new McMaster / Knightstone student residence at 1190 Main Street West Credit: HANDOUT

Lawyers for McMaster University and Knightstone Capital Management are asking the Ontario Land Tribunal to hold a hearing on their site plan submission for 1190 Main Street West.

McMaster/Knightstone reached a settlement agreement with the City of Hamilton in late 2021 to permit the building of the 1,379-bed residence. The building will be 15 storeys closest to the rest of campus on its west site, and 10 storeys or below as it transitions to the east side of the property bound by Dalewood Avenue.

In a notice of hearing issued Wednesday, the Tribunal states the hearing is requested by David Bronskill of Goodmans LLP who is representing McMaster and Knightstone.

“A site plan appeal for this matter remains before the Tribunal. Good progress has been made towards resolution of the site plan matters,” wrote Bronskill in the request for a hearing date. “After speaking with City legal about different options for implementation of approval of the site plan application, and considering different timing options and other matters, our client believes that asking the Tribunal to approve the plans/drawings and conditions of approval would be the preferred route forward.”

The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

McMaster University is presently short thousands of residence beds which is impacting the institution’s recruitment efforts for both undergraduate and graduate students.

An OLT approval of the Site Plan application will enable McMaster to get construction permits.

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