Hamilton City Hall west face Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

The City of Hamilton will conduct special advance polls on campus at Hamilton’s post-secondary institutions this fall as part of the 2022 municipal election.

Hamilton had been the only municipality in Canada to not place polls on post-secondary campuses.

Hamilton’s new election manager committed to placing polls on campus shortly after taking over the election’s office in 2021. [Note: the City Manager’s Office deleted the public meeting video where the commitment was stated.]

Two weeks ago, during a candidate information session, Elections Manager Aine Leadbetter stated students will be able to vote at the special polls no matter which ward they live in.

“We’re going to be having a vote anywhere pilot at our post-secondary institutions, so that students on campus can vote regardless of which Ward they live in,” she stated.

Leadbetter states she hopes to conduct similar special polls

“We’re additionally looking to put it in put a vote anywhere in a couple of additional spots throughout the city. And we will provide more information as those become finalized. If it’s successful, we may be looking at this in the future.”