Hamilton City Hall Credit: Joey Coleman

Hamilton’s water utility says they responded to 261 watermain breaks in 2021 with a repair cost of approximately $2.25-million.

“Approximately 39% of the watermain breaks were caused by corrosion, 57% were caused by ground movement, and 4% were the result of displaced pipe joints,” writes Dave Alberton, Manager, Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection for the City of Hamilton.

Watermain breaks are more frequent during winter months due to freeze-thaw cycles.

In 2021, 27 percent of watermain breaks occurred during January and February.

12.5 percent of the year’s breaks occurred between February 8th and 17th, with all but 3 of these 31 breaks resulting from ground movement.

Overnight low temperatures repeatedly dropped below -15°C during those ten days in February.

The five most expense breaks were:

Jun 17 Ground Movement King William St $82,482
Mar 24 Corrosion James St $60,435
Feb 14 Ground Movement Ottawa St $55,660
Feb 17 Ground Movement Fennell Ave $48,372
Aug 22 Corrosion Main St $44,430