Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger on CHCH News Morning Live on April 4, 2022

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger was asked about urban boundary expansion and truck routes during an interview on CHCH Morning Live this morning.

On urban boundary expansion, the Mayor responded to last week’s staged statements by Flamborough-Glanbrook MPP Donna Skelly and Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark saying they will override Council’s decision to freeze Hamilton’s urban boundary.

“Obviously, clearly the province has a different opinion in terms of what kind of growth is appropriate for the City of Hamilton,” the Mayor stated. “We in Hamilton believe that we ought to maintain a firm urban boundary and have all of our growth happen within that urban boundary.

“The province has different ideas,” he continued. “I think that’s unfortunate. I think local planning is most effective and makes for better communities.”

Eisenberger is critical of the province’s plan to “penalize” municipalities if they do not meet development application approval timelines.

He says the City is working to deal with affordability and supply issues, and wishes to work with the province.

During the interview, Mayor Eisenberger expressed support for the new Truck Route Master Plan which will prohibit heavy trucks in the Downtown, older parts of the Lower City, and on the Mountain north of Fennell Street.

“Those 18 wheelers, those five-axle heavy-duty trucks that take up a lot of space and are very intimidating through our downtown and also have air emission issues need to go elsewhere, [they] need to take a different route.”

The full interview can be viewed on CHCH’s website here.