City of Hamilton staff state there is no role for Hamilton’s licensing regulations in potential Provincial Offenses Act fines which may be issued to Hamilton companies participating in the Ottawa “Freedom Convoy” disruptions.

“City of Hamilton by-law’s provide regulation and are applied within the boundaries of the municipality only. Activity occurring outside the boundary of the municipality would fall outside the jurisdiction of City to provide enforcement.  The authorities within the City of Ottawa would be the responsible agency to act on any unlawful behaviour or act,” the City of Hamilton writes in a statement responding to questions.

Section 14(1)(d) of Hamilton’s Licensing Bylaw states the City can conduct a hearing to revoke licenses when “fines for convictions under the Provincial Offences Act are due and unpaid,
or a prohibition or other court order made upon such conviction has not been complied with by the licensee.”

Vehicles owned by Hamilton businesses have been photographed in Ottawa.

A trailer bearing the markings of B & G Heating Air Conditioning & Ventilation is clearly visible in widely circulated photos showing a shack being built by “Freedom Convoy” participants in a park across from Ottawa’s City Hall.

HVAC contractors operating in Hamilton must be licensed by the City of Hamilton. For HVAC contractors, this involved a basic check of qualifications, including providing disclosure of any criminal or recent provincial offences act violations.

Licencing of trucking and towing industries is done by the Province of Ontario.