The Vrancor site on the northwest corner of King Street West and Queen Street in Hamilton. The approved 12-storey hotel portion is shown under construction at the front of the property. (July 2017) Credit: Joey Coleman

The Ontario Land Tribunal will hold a full-day Case Management Conference next Wednesday to begin organizing the Vrancor appeal for non-decision at 364 King Street West.

The conference will begin at 10:00 am and is scheduled until 5:00 pm. During the meeting, the OLT will identify parties, determine the issues that will be contested in the hearing, see if the City and Vrancor are open to mediation on any or all of the issues, and set dates for the hearing of the appeal.

Members of the public may watch the video conference online: [NOTE: the Tribunals Ontario prohibits any recording or rebroadcast of hearings]

Vrancor wishes to build a 25-storey 1,002 bedroom unit building beside its already approved 12-storey hotel on the northwest corner of the intersection of King Street West and Queen Street North.

They appealed for non-decision 192 days after submitting their planning application, the Ontario Planning Act allows for non-decision appeals after 180 days. However, it is rare for developers to appeal shortly after 180 days as most major applications take 12 to 18 months to complete municipal approvals, including follow-up studies and revisions.

The proposal is opposed by many residents in the surrounding community, who have formed a group called the Strathcona Shadow Dwellers.

Non-decision appeals mean there is no statutory public hearing held by City Council.

Anyone who wishes to send a statement to the Tribunal regarding this proposal must request participant status prior to Wednesday’s meeting by downloading the “Participant Status Request Form and Participant Statement Form” and emailing their completed form to the Tribunal case coordinator.

The OLT file number for this case is OLT-21-001127, and the case coordinator’s email is

The Public Record plans to cover the CMC next Wednesady.