The City of Hamilton’s fleet division is asking Council to approve purchasing ten natural gas-fueled waste collection vehicles beginning in 2023 to replace diesel-fueled trucks as they reach their end of service.

Natural gas vehicles cost approximately 20 to 25 percent more than comparable diesel vehicles, adding approximately $60,000 to the purchase price.

The City operates 37 waste collection trucks, which have an average service life of seven years.

Staff are asking Council to approve using $700,000 in funding from various non-operating budget sources – including reserves – to cover the additional cost.

The conversion to natural gas is tied to the City’s climate action strategies to decrease the municipality’s carbon footprint.

Natural gas trucks are expected to decrease carbon emissions by 17.3 percent compared to diesel.

The plan requires the City to add a compressed natural gas fueling station at the waste collection vehicle yard on Burlington Street.

Council’s Public Works Committee will vote on the request during their January 10 meeting.