Hamilton City Hall Credit: Joey Coleman

The City of Hamilton’s bylaw services issued 5638 charges in 2021, an increase of 52% from 2020. 3703 charges were laid in 2020, and 3414 in 2019.

Additionally, the City By-law officers issued 864 provincial act COVID charges.

Charges issued under the Parks By-law increased 184% in 2021 compared to 2019. There were 2437 Parks By-law charges in 2021, compared to 525 in 2020, and 868 in 2019.

Yard Maintenance By-law charges increased by 35% with 1568 charges in 2021, compared to 1158 in 2020, there were 197 charges in 2019.

Charges under the Animal Ownership, Property Standards, and Vacant Building By-laws have decreased during the pandemic.

The statistics are included in an annual information update sent to Council this week. The update includes a breakdown of charges by ward.