Longwood Road Bridge Rehab – the City is looking to have maintenance rehabilitation work done on the Longwood Road bridge over Highway 403. The work is necessary and has been on the books for a few years now. The bridge will undergo significant work (or even potential replacement) as part of the LRT project. The LRT maintenance yard will be on the south side of the bridge, meaning LRT vehicles will cross the bridge to enter and exit service.  It will take years to plan the large bridge project and it will be a complex project as construction must avoid impacting traffic flow on Hwy 403. (and yes, one can argue if LRT were not delayed a decade this rehab would not necessary)

Bike Barrier Curbs for York Blvd – bike curbs will be installed from the Dundas Castle Parking Lot (215 metres west of Dundurn Street) to “120m East of Queen St N.”. The City posted the bid this week and wants all construction to be complete by November 26 of this year. The bid closes on October 22nd, giving less than a month from getting the contract until completion. The City’s engineers have completed the drawing for the infrastructure. (see pages 43-45 of the bid documents – https://hamilton.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/48be82d8-ed9c-4078-97fc-03611dededd9)

Archaeological Excavation for East West Corridor Waterdown – studies are required before shovels can get into the ground on the Waterdown bypass. City Hall wants to get work underway in 2022 prior to the election on the project which is designed to divert traffic off Dundas Road in old Waterdown by connecting Highway 5 to Highway 6 with this road travelling north of old Waterdown.
People in Waterdown are rightfully frustrated the City approved thousands of new homes which have been built prior to the installation of this highway bypass. In 2018, Waterdown residents nearly kicked Ward 15 Councillor Judi Partridge out of office with her margin of victory being only 216 votes. City Hall got the warning and staff have been working this term to shore up Partridge by getting the bypass to the start of construction before the election.

St. Marks Church (across from City Hall on Bay Street) Expansion – The City is willing to spend up to $3.7-million to expand the St. Marks Church building on Bay Street South at Hunter Street which is across from Hamilton City Hall. The building will serve as a meetings and event space for the City and available for community rentals.
The City wants construction to begin no later than March 2022. Construction was suppose to start in 2019.