Hamilton City Hall Credit: Joey Coleman

City of Hamilton Emergency Operations Manager Jason Thorne says some higher-level city managers will return to their City Hall and other location offices beginning December 6.

“Directors and general managers who are currently working from home will commence a phased and gradual return to the workplace,” says Thorne.

These uppermost management positions will continue to work from home some days of the week.

Additionally, some planning and economic development staff will return to City Hall starting next week. These staff are primarily engaged in development and building permit processes.

Most people working in the layers of city management have been working at home during the pandemic, with approximately 2100 City of Hamilton staff continuing to work from home.

“All remaining staff across the organization who are currently working from home will commence a phased-in gradual return to the workplace beginning the week of January the 10th [2022],” says Thorne.

“For now, this is just for staff returning to the workplace, we’re not announcing any new reopening of city offices for access by the public or city counters for access by the public.”