The City of Hamilton is requiring public notice signs for in-fill development which involves extensive renovation or demolition following years of complaints from residents bordering construction sites.

In recent years, the purchase and demolition of older homes has become more common in Hamilton. Many of these demolition and new builds are “as of right” within existing zoning, and no public notices were required.

The signs will “advise the area neighbourhood or the area residents of what’s being proposed or that something’s being demolished, and what it’s going to look like,” says City of Hamilton Manager of Plan Examination Jorge Caetano.

Caetano says the new signs are designed to encourage builders to be good neighbours and to enable better communications between builders and nearby residents.

The signs will be required for any addition greater than 100 square metres to any existing residential home, and will be required for secondary suite construction projects.

If passed by Council, the signs will be required starting in late spring 2022.