Hamilton City Council voted today to instruct city staff to keep working to find and create a physical space for a museum to display the City’s civic artifacts and educate people on the history of the City of Hamilton – including all our region’s former municipalities and the Indigenous cultures which were originally here.

Last week, city staff presented a plan to create a “virtual” museum in response to a 2018 council motion requesting a plan to share and display Hamilton’s history.

Many of Hamilton’s civic artifacts are owned by the City of Hamilton. The City has been storing these artifacts in warehouses out of public view for decades.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger moved an amendment to the staff report directing them to prepare a report for a physical Hamilton Museum.

Councillor Nrinder Nann asked staff to also work on a plan to display artifacts in city facilities such as recreation centres and public libraries.

Many councillors praised plans to better identify and promote indigenous history and landmarks in the Hamilton area.