SJAM statue face after being damaged by an angle grinder Credit: Joey Coleman

Canada’s first statue of Sir John A Macdonald was pulled by a crowd of around 200 people on Saturday, August 14, 2021. The crowd marched to Gore Park from an Indigenous Unity Rally at Hamilton City Hall.

Here are some photos of what happened.

Crowd gathering around the SJAM statue only minutes before it is pulled down. Note the person about to climb the traffic pole on the left side. They will spray paint the Hamilton Police camera only seconds later.


The SJAM statue begins to tip moments after around two dozen people began pulling on the ropes.


The toppling of the SJAM statue in Hamilton. This photo is only two seconds after the photo above.
Moments after the statue was toppled by the crowd, someone released a smoke/dust screen. This is around 40 seconds after the photo above.
The scene moments after the SJAM statue was pulled down.
The SJAM statue podium after the statue had been pulled down by a crowd.
Hamilton SJAM statue after having been pulled down and defaced.
Robin McKee of the Hamilton Sir John A Macdonald Society looks at the damage down to the SJAM statue after it was pulled down and an angle grinder used against it.
Hamilton Police secure the scene after the crowd which pulled down the SJAM statue dispersed.
SJAM statue being transported by City of Hamilton crews after being pulled down by a crowd
SJAM statue being carried away after being pulled down.
SJAM statue loaded on a City of Hamilton trailer being transported to storage
SJAM statue face after being damaged by an angle grinder