Rendering of proposed rental development at 260 and 276 Dunsmure in Hamilton Credit: HANDOUT / Dunsmure Developments Ltd

The last industrial site between King and Main Streets is going to be remediated as part of a residential development which will see 64 new rental townhouses built on Dunsmure Road directly to the west of the CP rail site.

Hamilton City Council is expected to approve a $629,184 grant to the developer of 260 and 276 Dunsmure Road towards the estimated $1.875-million costs of remediating the site which “contains five vacant industrial/commercial and administrative buildings associated with its historical use as a lumberyard for Lawson Lumber Company Ltd.”

The City expects the site will increase municipal taxes from $37,399 to $118,742 per year. The grant represents 80% of this increase over ten years.

The project requires minor variances. A construction timeline was not included in the grant report.

Demand for ground-oriented housing is extremely high. It is reasonable to expect construction to begin as soon as the Site Plan is approved by the City of Hamilton.

City of Hamilton map showing the location of 260 & 276 Dunsmure.