Hamilton Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Ninh Tran

Dr. Ninh Tran, the deputy to Hamilton’s top doctor Dr. Elizabeth Richardson, says he expects the Province will lift nearly all COVID restrictions in early August.

“I think the way things are headed, assuming we get and continue to have good vaccination rates, and what the province saying that at some point in August, you’re not gonna see very many restrictions at all from a governmental perspective,” Dr. Tran told Hamilton’s business improvement area leaders this morning.

“There really is no Step Four. From what I understand, it goes from Step Three to what I understand is full reopening, and there’s going to be lifting of most of the restrictions.”

Business leaders shared stories of people stating they are double vaccinated and refusing to wear masks, sharing the challenges of planning for fall events.

Dr. Tran states Hamilton’s public health officials expect a “full reopening” in “early-to-mid August,” and the big question is “which public health measures are going to be required by the province after step three is over.”

Ward 7 Hamilton City Councillor Esther Pauls, who is on the BIA advisory board, asked Dr. Tran once everything is reopened, “What would be one thing that you think as a doctor would be a thing that we cannot do?”

“If you’re sick, don’t come into work, don’t come into school,” Dr. Tran responded. “That’s one of those things where you still want to have it in place … it may not be COVID, but you could be spreading further germs and infections out there.”