COVID restrictions limited outdoor gatherings to 100 people mean Hamilton’s annual commemoration of the Dieppe Raid will be invitation-only again this year.

One hundred ninety-seven members of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry died during the August 19, 1942 raid against the Nazis-occupied Dieppe in France.

Nine hundred seven Canadians died in the raid, 2,460 were wounded, and 1,946 became prisoners of war.

It remains the bloodiest day in Canadian military history.

The raid is commemorated each year on August 19 at Hamilton’s Dieppe Veterans’ Memorial Park. Hundreds of people usually attend.

Due to COVID, last year’s ceremony was minimal with only a wreath-laying party.

This year’s ceremony will include an honour guard from the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.

Canadian Forces bands are not presently performing in public due to COVID. The RHLI band will provide recorded musical accompaniment for the ceremony. A bugler will participate in the ceremony.

The City of Hamilton is paying for Cable 14 to broadcast live at 11 am on August 19.

The City will have security on-site to ensure only invitees are in attendance.

Separately, the Veterans’ Committee is planning for a COVID-dependent return of the annual Garrison Parade on the Sunday preceding November 11.

Planning is for both the Garrison Parade and Remembrance Day ceremony to be public events.