Hamilton City Council voted 11-4 on Wednesday to approve hosting the 2024 Canadian Open at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club. Hamilton last hosted the Canadian Open in 2019.

The event passed in a 11-4 vote, with Councillors John-Paul Danko, Brenda Johnson, Nrinder Nann, and Maureen Wilson opposed.

During a closed session meeting on November 25, 2020, Council approved hosting the 2023 Canadian Open. Due to COVID cancellations, Hamilton was asked to host the 2024 event.

Council voted 8-5 in November to disclose the cost of hosting the event upon signing the hosting contract. It is not known when this disclosure will occur.

The original hosting motion for 2023 passed in a 12-1 vote. Councillor Maureen Wilson was the only vote again.

On the transparency motion, Councillors Jason Farr, Lloyd Ferguson, Tom Jackson, Maria Pearson, and Mayor Fred Eisenberger voted against allowing the public to know how much is being spent on the event.

The motion to be transparent was moved by Councillor Brad Clark and seconded by John-Paul Danko.