HSR articulated bus operating on the B-Line, July 2017, eastbound on Main at MacNab Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

The Hamilton Street Railway is replacing 66 transit shelters along the B-Line LRT corridor, after originally keeping old shelters to avoid unnecessary replacement costs just prior to LRT construction.

HSR Director Debbie Dalle Vedove wrote to Council in March stating that the condition of the shelters is such that replacement is pressing, and there is opportunity of the federal government to split the cost with the City.

“Given the existing condition of the shelters along this corridor, and the opportunity presented through the extension of the deadline for [federal] funding, it is prudent to replace these shelters at this time to address safety concerns and their state of repair”, writes Dalle Vadove.

The City of Hamilton is seeking to classify any spending it can as a possible “municipal contribution” to the LRT project, in the event the project receives federal funding and the traditional cost-sharing formulas are applied to it.

Dalle Vadove writes that the City could try to have the $440,000 it is contributing to the new shelters applied to LRT as the shelters will be returned to the route after construction.

HSR riders can expect the shelters to be installed by the end of July.