Hamilton COVID weekly incidence rate graph for Monday, January 18, 2020. The rate is approximately 130.89 Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

Hamilton’s reproductive number is below 1.0, meaning that the COVID curve is finally going back downwards. Hamilton Public Health states the reproductive number is now 0.92.

If the trend continues, Hamilton’s COVID active case count peak is behind us as of January 5, 2021.

The challenge for the coming weeks will be health care capacity as the peak in new cases will reverberate into a peak in hospitalizations in the coming weeks. The new provincial state of emergency remains in effect for a month, and schools are closed until February 11.

There is a slowdown in vaccinations due to a Pfizer changing its manufacturing process at its European production facility. Pfizer says the changes will enable it significantly increase production once complete. The Ontario government is directing local public health units to pause administering most first doses of vaccines to ensure supply for necessary second doses.

Hamilton Public Health states Hamilton’s long-term care and high-risk retirement homes will continue with vaccine clinics.

Today: Monday, January 18, 2021

New Cases: 121
Cumulative Total of Cases: 8236
New Deaths: 2
Cumulative Total of Deaths: 221

Weekly Incidence Rate: 130.89 (Based upon a population estimate of 589,000 for Hamilton)

Source: Ontario Open Data

Active Cases: awaiting update (Hamilton Public Health)


Hamilton Health Sciences is reporting 93 COVID patients, an increase of 7 over the weekend. HHS is no longer providing the number in Intensive Care.

Note that hospital patients coming from different regions, and Hamiltonians may be admitted to Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington.

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