Hamilton's Chedoke Creek in 2011 ..... Hamilton's Chedoke Creek in 2011. Credit: Public Domain photo via Flickr / https://flic.kr/p/WEeJx1

Following the leak of 24-billions of wastewater over four years into Chedoke Creek – a leak which City Council covered up for over a year including during the 2018 municipal election -, the City is looking at how to improve the Chedoke Creek watershed.
In a report, City Director of Water Andrew Grice says the City hired GM BluePlan, Jemma Consultants and Wood
Canada Ltd. to “Develop a series of short to longer term solutions for improving water quality in
Chedoke Creek, Engage internal and external stakeholders and facilitate solution development, Technically evaluate solutions to determine feasibility and implementation strategies”.
(The previous Director of Water, Dan McKinnon, who was in charge during the waterwater fiasco was promoted by City Council to General Manager of Public Works)
Grice says work began in September 2020.
The consultants are holding meetings with various stakeholder groups, conducting research, and will be provide a report with both short term and long term project recommendations to improve the Chedoke Creek watershed.
“The anticipated completion of the remaining scope for this project is expected for February 2021”, Grice writes.
Separate from this work, the Ministry of Environment is ordering Hamilton City Council to remediate damage done to the Creek by the waterwater leak and the City Council coverup which followed. City Hall is appealing the order.

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