A sign outside of the doors of the Hamilton Farmers' Market advertising hours of operation Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

“Like many others”, as he says, Joshua Charbonneau lost his food service industry job at the beginning of COVID. Upon losing his job, Charbonneau sat down to write a business plan and launch his own venture.
He began slowly, selling his cure fish at markets and to restaurants. Slowly he has expanded and is now ready to open a booth in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market as a grocer outlet.
In addition to cured trout and salmon, Joshy’s Good Eats will be offering specialty high quality bagels. Charbonneau told the Hamilton Farmers’ Market Board of Directors that he hopes to inspire a bagel culture in Hamilton, by bringing more variety of bagels to our area. He plans to also offer Jewish cuisine and dairy appetizers.

The Fritter Shop

London Ontario area The Fritter Shop is planning to open an outlet in the Market, offering its unique variety of fritters – many of which come in unique shapes.
The founder of the company, Kelvin Van Rijn, told the Market Board on October 5 that he is looking forward to expanding his company to Hamilton, and his company experienced great sales at The Market at the Western Fair District.
Fritters will be baked off-site, and warmed at the Market before being served.
Hamilton Farmers’ Market Manager Bill Slowka states he is working to finalize lease agreements with each vendor.
Opening dates for each are not known.
The Market will be closed in early January for planned ventilation upgrades to support the increasing number of food service outlets in the west side of the Market.

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