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City of Hamilton Planning and Public Works staff met with various representatives of the development industry via a public video conference on Monday.
Topics of discussion included allocating the limited capacity for wastewater connections in the Airport Employment Growth District, online planning submissions,
Approximately a dozen industry representatives were present in the video call.

AEGD Limited Wastewater Capacity

The logistics and transportation focused Airport Employment Growth District is experience more business growth than projected. With COVID revealing the problems with lengthy supply chains and the need for shorter distances between warehousing and customers; the City is receiving new planning applications for new and expanded facilities in these sectors. There were 26 active development applications on June 3rd, staff state.
In 2010, Hamilton City Council approved the AEGD plan, including the construction of servicing for the area. A 11-km trunk sewer to service the area is scheduled for completion in 2025. Earlier this year, Council approved $11-million to quickly upgrade existing pumping stations to provide increased capacity until the trunk system is complete.
Increased capacity is expected to come online in December 2020, and April 2021.
Until the trunk sewer is complete in 2025, the Senior Director of Growth Management will determine what projects are approved for water usage and which projects will have to wait to 2025.
Representatives of the development community did not have comment on the changes.
City staff state they are working on

Problems with Vacancies and Backlogs in Transportation Engineering Reviews

Terri Johns of T. Johns Consulting Group Ltd requested a discussion of planning application review and approval timelines.
City staff members Jamila Sheffield, Secretary/Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment, and Anita Fabac, Manager of Development Planning, both state staff in planning are working to schedule hearings and complete review of applications.
Brenda Khes of GSP Group and Sergio Manchia of Urban Solutions both state they have numerous applications “stalled” by transportation engineering reviews. Transportation engineering reviews are backlogged by at least three months at present, with ongoing vacancies in this section of the city bureaucracy.
Senior Director Growth Management Tony Sergi, the ranking staff member on the video call, firmly responded that he resented the imp
The discussion became tense at one point, with developer representatives stating the staff in this section are too risk adverse and are unnecessarily rejecting applications which require more extensive review.

Short Meeting

The meeting was short, adjourning after about 30 minutes. The next meeting is scheduled for October 19.

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