City Council to Vote on Selling Four Alleyways in September

A Hamilton Ontario alleyway with overgrown vegetation on its side, and a clear vehicle pathway in the centre with low vegetation

Joey Coleman/The Public Record

A East Hamilton alleyway.

Hamilton City Council will vote on selling four alleyways in various parts of the city in September.
Abutting property owners are seeking to purchase alleyways at the following addresses:

Hamilton City Hall is presently studying the future of alleyways with a report from staff due for summer 2021. The review will, in part, determine how alleyways relate to housing availability in Hamilton with the creation of laneway housing.
City Council decided against imposing a moratorium on alleyway sales during the review.
In November 2019, city staff stated the City of Hamilton has 642 alleyways. A map of alleyways is available on the city website here.

0 thoughts on “City Council to Vote on Selling Four Alleyways in September

  1. I have a rental unit attached to one of these alleys. It is shameful the way the city fails to maintain this alley. It is over grown with tress, weeds and garbage. There are holes that fill with stagnant waters all the time. We all know what breeds there. I think that selling these alleys is a great idea. I also think that it would be better served if they just split the land up to the current owners. At no cost except the responsibility of maintaining such land. Maybe just extend they’re fences out and just gobble it up. Problem solved almost immediately.

    • Totally agree where most homebowners have been taking care and maintaining their own alleyways for years

  2. Leave the few wild spaces alone. Selling a few alleyways won’t fix the city’s money hungry poverty problem.