Joey's Notepad: Province announces $150-mil in one time Ontario-wide homelessness / housing funding

Today, the provincial government announced $150-million in one-time funding to be split among Ontario’s municipalities for “improving homeless shelters and creating opportunities for longer-term housing”.
The announcement does not include a breakdown of the funding by municipality, nor the formula which will be used to calculate funding.
Of note, the news release states a portion of the funding will be specifically focused to support urban Indigenous homelessness and housing supports.
Depending on how the funding is calculated , my rough guess is Hamilton could receive at least $8-million to $13-million.
(See Ontario Regulation 367/11 Schedule 4 for a sense of some of the inputs which may go into the calculation)
Could be higher, I don’t see the provinces doing a straight calculation by population, which would result in around $7-million.
City of Hamilton Director of Housing Edward John is known for providing frequent information notes for public release, we’ll likely learn from one of those how much money Hamilton receives.

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