The City of Hamilton wants young adults to ask themselves if they are within 21 coffee cups of each other.
Following a few weeks of young adults being over-represented among new COVID-19 positive test cases in Hamilton. Of the new COVID-19 positive cases during the past 10 days, 63% are among people under the age of 30.
Thus, the City of Hamilton is buying social media ads with graphics about social distancing – ranging from the effective keep one Sobi bike apart to the graphic saying to keep 21 coffee cups apart.
In a press release announcing the campaign sent by City of Hamilton Communications Officer Jacqueline Durlov, the City states:
“In order to effectively communicate with this group in a way that resonates and increase the appeal of following Public Health recommendations, a campaign has been developed that focuses on providing them with the information they need, in a visual style that appeals to them”.
Here are the graphics being used to advertise to young people.

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First published: June 22, 2020
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