Today's photo: A large placard of the Graham Crawford pro-LRT logo poster being delivered to Mayor Fred Eisenberger's Office in advance of last week's meeting with the Ontario Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek. Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

I’m going to try something new, a blog-like scrapbook of items that I would normally tweet and forget. The primary purpose of Joey’s Notebook is to ensure easy future reference of information, something which is not possible with tweets. This differs from Coleman’s Notes, which are full posts of analysis, opinion, blog, or insights. (take your pick of what term you prefer).

Last week’s strong reaffirming of the Provincial funding commitment to Hamilton’s LRT has calmed the waters here at City Hall. Combined with the end of the budget process, this decreases the odds of marathon meetings this month.
Today there are three meetings or hearings of note occurring:

  • Council Public Works Committee
    • The Cycling Committee is asking for steel bollards to be installed on Herkimer Street to protect the bike lanes; and demanding the City close the turning lane from Queen Street South southbound to Herkimer Street eastbound.
    • A staff report resulting from residents complaints about lost on-street parking with the installation of bike lanes on Bay Street. There is no action recommendation from the report. A few of the residents are planning to delegate.
    • The Truck Route review is on the agenda as a consent item following last week’s Truck Route Committee debate.
  • Hamilton Farmers Market Board of Directors
    • Plans for a new Market website.
    • Marketing plans with the City’s Senior Digital Marketing Officer Andy Zimmerman.
    • Creation of an ad-hoc sub-committee on Market hours.
  • Local Planning Appeal Tribunal: Harbour West Neighbours Inc. and Herman Turkstra appeal of Hamilton’s Pier 8 development plan
    • The oral arguments into the appeal begin today.
  • LPAT Appeal by Television City
    • Last week was the oral arguments
    • Over at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, the oral arguments into the Television City appeal, the proposed two tall building Brad Lamb development at 163 Jackson Street West, ended on Friday. Closing arguments will be submitted in writing.  I’ll try to obtain them from the Tribunal in mid April.
  • LPAT – Pier 8
    • The City and appellants were dealing with procedural issues, and qualification of witnesses/experts during today’s arguments.
    • The Tribunal Member conducting the hearing is Blair Taylor
  • Bay Street Cycle Lane review motion
    • Ward 2 City Councillor Jason Farr moved a motion at the Public Works Committee this morning to have staff and the Hamilton Cycling Committee
  • Anne Marie Owens, Editor-in-Chief of the National Post, hired as Special Advisor by McMaster University.
  • Public School Board Administrators see big jumps in pay due to interpretation of a court ruling.  Over at the Catholic Board, their administrators choose to not take the larger pay increases. Richard Leitner of Hamilton Community News, who provides great coverage of the local education beat, reports.
  • Justice of the Peace Facing Misconduct Hearing Natalie Paddon of TheSpec reports on a Hamilton JP, with a history of poor conduct, is facing more misconduct allegations.
  • Hamilton Police Conclude Investigation into Alleged Whitehead Data Breach. Kevin Werner of Hamilton Community News reports that no charges laid following unproven allegations by Councillor Terry Whitehead that his former Executive Assistant Colleen Wicken took a constituent information list from his office. Whitehead, who supported another candidate in the 2018 Ward 8 municipal election race in which Wicken was running, sent out a mass email in the middle of the election claiming Wicken had stolen the information. Wicken has outstanding litigation against Whitehead, who as a City Councillor is indemnified by the City of Hamilton.
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