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I’m going to try something new, a blog-like scrapbook of items that I would normally tweet and forget. The primary purpose of Joey’s Notebook is to ensure easy future reference of information, something which is not possible with tweets. This differs from Coleman’s Notes, which are full posts of analysis, opinion, blog, or insights. (take your pick of what term you prefer).
Good morning, another busy day ahead at City Hall.
Two City Hall meetings today: Council General Issues Committee starting at 9:30am, and the volunteer Hamilton Cycling Committee at 5:30pm this afternoon.

General Issues Committee

  • Rob MacIsaac, President and CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences will speak to Council GIC this morning, HHS is looking to build a new Children’s Hospital on the Hamilton General Hospital site, and other expansions.
  • Ted Scott of Synapse Life Sciences Consortium will delegate to Council seeking ongoing funding for the Hamilton Life Sciences Cluster. The amount sought is $25,000 per year.
  • Donation policy for art and monuments – the City gets offered a lot of interesting gifts, which if accepted require the City to maintain, and in cases where they are placed on public property such as statues, can cause debate. Council will debate a policy to decide what to accept, and what not to accept.
  • Hamilton’s fire fighters have a tentative new contract, Council will go into closed session to decide if Council will ratify the agreement.
  • Council will also hear from staff on a new internal human resources survey.

Cycling Committee

Agenda is not yet public.

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