Hamilton’s first legal cannabis application is open for public comments until March 23rd with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.
Canna Cabana is planning to open their location, one of seven stores authorized for all of the “West Region” of Southern Ontario, at the Centre on Barton near to the intersection of Barton Street East and Kenilworth Avenue North.
Canna Cabana already operates many legal cannabis stores in Alberta.
The AGCO’s public submission guidelines state:

Only the following matters are matters of public interest, and will be considered by the Registrar:
Protecting public health and safety.
Protecting youth and restricting their access to cannabis.
Preventing illicit activities in relation to cannabis.

Hamilton City Council is limited to submitting comments to the AGCO. The City cannot regulate cannabis any differently than other commercial businesses. As Centre Mall is zoned for commercial, including businesses which generate much traffic, the City cannot block the opening of the proposed cannabis business.
Thus far, six of the seven “West Region” operators who won the right to open legal cannabis stores have announced their locations. This is the first for Hamilton.
The Province has not declared when they plan to issue more legal cannabis retail licenses.
Hattip: Hamilton Sub-Reddit

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