A Hamilton Traffic Control Box at Summer Lanes and Main Street West in front of Hamilton City Hall. Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

In the minutes of the January meeting of the Keep Hamilton Clean and Green Advisory Committee, it states that the City is looking to improve anti-graffiti wraps on utility boxes Downtown and in commercial areas.
“The wraps will feature the works of local artists or tell heritage stories (depending on the wrap location and specific funding source).”
This statement is attributed to the City’s Manager of Placemaking, Public Art and Projects Ken Coit. Coit is minuted as stating there are approximately 173 utility boxes in these areas.
April 16 update
The City has posted details of the project on its website, including that they will be issuing “two separate Call to Artists, to be issued this summer”. Details here: https://www.hamilton.ca/attractions/culture/utility-box-wraps-public-art-project