Sonoma Homes will need to wait until mid-2020 at the earliest for the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal to rule on the merits of a proposal for 321 units in four mid-rise buildings: two 11-storey buildings, a nine-story building, and a eight-storey building at 1518, 1530, and 1540 Upper Sherman Avenue.
On Tuesday, the morning after the municipal election, LPAT conducted the pre-hearing for the development.
Present was Ward 7 Councillor-Elect Esther Pauls who registered as an observer at the hearing. Pauls told The Public Record that she attended due to the importance of the file, the interest in Ward 7, and to ensure she is fully briefed to represent when she takes office on December 1st
The backlog at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal – formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board – means that Sonoma Homes planned mid-rise development could be waiting until 2021 to get into the ground, unless Sonoma can reach a deal with City Council during the interim.
The Tribunal will conduct the appeal hearing over 10 days starting on February 10, 2020.
No mediation dates have been set, and neither party requested mediation services from LPAT.
Numerous residents filed for participant status, both in person and in writing.
The number of participants will be officially known in the coming weeks when the LPAT procedural order is issued.