The 2018 Ward 3 polling divisions map.

The Public Record is interviewing candidates running for the City Council seat representing Ward 3 from September 4 to September 22..

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These are the questions they will be answering.

  1. Who is [NAME]?
  2. Why are you running?
  3. Do you live in Ward 3, Yes or No?
    Does it matter if one lives in the community one seeks to represent?
  4. How have you contributed to your community and our city?
  5. What are your two priorities for Ward 3 and two priorities for Hamilton as a whole?
  6. What are three skills you will bring to elected office that makes you the best choice to represent Hamiltonians on City Council?
  7. Ward 3 includes areas within the Downtown Hamilton Secondary Plan, the BIAs of Barton and Ottawa, the Transit Orientated Corridors of King Street and Main Street, and numerous large parcels of urban land in other areas of the ward.
    As Ward 3 Councillor, you will need to decide upon planning applications of various heights, sizes, densities, and uses. You will need to balance numerous competing interests and goals in deciding upon those applications.

    What will be your process for evaluating development applications, and how will you manage different interests in Ward 3?
  8. Hamilton has a rental housing affordability problem, Ward 3 has seen a significant and marked decrease in affordability during the past decade.
    How will you address housing affordability in Ward 3 and across Hamilton?
  9. What are two changes you will propose to improve City services?
  10. What are two changes you will propose to improve quality of life in Hamilton?
  11. Hamilton City Council decided against ranked balloting.
    Ranked balloting enables voters to choose by prioritizing candidates – such as the top three – they feel qualified for public office and best able to represent them.
    What is your position on ranked ballots?
  12. How will you improve civic governance and engagement during the next four years?
  13. How will the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan guide your decision making in hiring a new City Manager, and what qualities do you seek in a new City Manager?
  14. Politics is the art of allocating limited resources and compromising to find solutions, how will you do so?
  15. It’s 2022, The Public Record is writing a review of the four year Council term that is just ending. What three words do you hope we will use to describe your term on Council, and what three words do you hope will describe Council as a whole?
  16. Thank you, that’s the end of the prepared questions you were sent in advance. Do you have closing remarks you wish to share?